Beach Club Beds Price List

La Sala by the Sea – Puerto Banús Beach Club

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La Sala by the Sea Bed Menu 2021

Bank Holiday and Special Party Days

Minimum bed spends apply on bank holidays and for special events, for more information contact us for the latest prices for the dates listed below.

Friday 29th April
Saturday 30th April
Sunday 1st May
Monday 2nd May

Thursday 2nd June
Friday 3rd June
Saturday 4th June
Sunday 5th June

Friday 26th August
Saturday 27th August
Sunday 28th August
Monday 29th August

Kids Policy

There must be one responsible adult per child. To use the pool clients must have a bed (single beds excluded from this unless child has their own). To use the pool, children must be able to swim on their own, as no floatation devices are allowed in the pool (except for lifebuoys). If the child wears a nappy, please make sure it’s the correct swimming nappy as other types won’t be allowed in the pool.

Please note that our menu prices are subject to change.