Pool, Deck & Cabana Beds

The best beach club in Puerto Banús

Taking its inspiration from the exotic Far East, the main beach club area is set back from the shore and features raised wooden decked sunbathing and seating areas with beautiful views over the Mediterranean, as well as around the pool.

Cabana Beds (Max 8 persons)

Platform Deck Beds situated in front of the Cabana Beds (Max 5 persons)

Pool Terrace Beds (Max 2-3 persons sunbathing/3-5 lounging)

Deck Beds located behind the Single Pool Sunbeds (Max 2-3 persons sunbathing/3-5 lounging)

VIP Jacuzzi Beds (Max 2-3 persons sunbathing/3-5 lounging)

Jacuzzi Loungers (Max 2 persons)

Single Beds located around the pool (Max 1 person) Pool Terrace Beds pictured in the foreground

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