Massage Beach

Take time at La Sala by the Sea to unlock a healthier, energetic and stress free lifestyle by using one of nature’s oldest remedies.

Massage Beach will help you look and feel great by offering beauty and massage treatments from fully qualified and professionally trained specialists, to make your daily routine or holiday experience complete.


Designed to relieve muscle tension by deep and strong pressure massage. Focuses on neck, shoulders and dorsal muscle. Recommended for muscle contractures.

30MIN 40€ • 60MIN 60€


Designed to leave the client feeling relaxed and de-stressed using light pressure massage and essential aromatherapy oil. From the soles of your feet to the crown of your head.

30MIN 40€ • 60MIN 60€


Traditional Japanese massage based on traditional Chinese medicine. Harmony pressure and stretching. Recommended to achieve relaxation and physical/mental rest.

30 MIN 40€ • 80MIN 100€


Traditional Thai massage. Specific technique recommended for relieving tension.

30MIN 40€ • 60MIN 60€


This works on every organ in the body by applying pressure to different areas of the foot.

30MIN 40€ • 60MIN 60€


This treatment combines oriental and occidental therapies such as Swedish massage, shiatsu and reflexology, each one combined with a hot, essential floral oil.

90MIN 120€

Please note that our prices are subject to change.

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